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Halodi Robotics moved to the cloud together with Mazeppa

“Working with Halodi Robotics is working with the future”, says Stein Erik Maurice, Chief Operating Officer at Halodi Robotics.

Halodi Robotics builds robots capable to operate safely among people - catering to businesses within security, retail, logistics, and healthcare. Since its founding in 2015, the company has been through significant phases of growth and production ramp-up. To handle the growth, they decided to implement a cloud-based, scalable ERP system together with Mazeppa Group. At the start of the year, they went live with RamBase Cloud-based ERP.

Mazeppa Group partner RamBase 

Halodi Robotics chose to implement long-time Mazeppa Group partner RamBase and their Cloud-based ERP system. Going into this project, we instantly felt that Halodi Robotics would be a good match for our team. Sales director at Mazeppa Group, Erik Haaland, said:

"Signing Halodi Robotics as a customer is a good match for our team. We will support their ambitious plans with our industry experience.” 

RamBase is experienced in the robot industry

It’s a great feeling for us when we know that we have the right system to offer to our clients. When it comes to RamBase, they were already quite experienced in the robotics industry - making them a great fit. 

Jakob Hatteland, founder and chairman of Jakob Hatteland Holding, is happy to help yet another Norwegian robotics company through an expansive growth period with RamBase Cloud ERP.

 “With the expertise we have developed in RamBase to support them, I look forward to seeing Halodi Robotics enter a strong commercial phase”, said Jakob Hatteland.

Proud implementation partner

For many years we’ve proudly implemented ERP systems in the high-tech industry. And we don’t plan on stopping. The world of manufacturing is changing, and we’re here for it. 

We’re incredibly excited to have helped a forward-leaning company like Halodi Robotics implement a system to grow with. Moreover, we’re excited to see what lies ahead for them - and happy to be a part of the journey.