Mazeppa is here to modernize and digitize the European manufacturing industry. To do so we have specialized our skills towards two main systems: Infor and RamBase. These systems are future proofed, providing manufacturing businesses with industry specific features and cloud based solutions.

Industrial construction photographed diagonally

Infor LN - CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise

A versatile cloud service to increase industrial manufacturing productivity

Stay current and connected, leverage powerful functionality, and optimize critical business processes.

We know that industrial manufacturers need innovation to maintain their position in the market and to change and develop over time. With a versatile cloud service that is built to increase productivity in these specific segments, you can more easily meet customer demands, and bring products to market ahead of the competition.


The next-generation ERP system

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP system that helps businesses within manufacturing and distribution gain control over their entire value chain from sales to production to delivery.

RamBase is a flexible Software-as-a-Service solution with rich industry features and with the Cloud ERP platform, the users can access information from many different sources in real-time.