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Mazeppa expands operations to Gdansk, Poland

As of March 14, Mazeppa has expanded our presence in Europe with enhanced operations in Gdansk, Poland. This step reinforces our commitment to being closer to our clients and providing services tailored to their local needs.

ENRX connects Europe with the Infor ERP cloud solution

Uncover how ENRX, a leader in induction technology and a subsidiary of Arendals Fossekompani, propels forward with a major US contract and streamlines operations via Infor's cloud ERP solution, managed by AWS, for global efficiency.

A place big enough to make a difference but small enough for me to make a difference

– I can learn to work in any system but to succeed in the consulting role is something completely different. That’s where I feel I’ve grown the most.

Expanding and continuing ERP competence

– I am someone who is always eager to learn new things that can help me in the future. Whether it's acquiring new skills or knowledge, I believe that learning is a lifelong process that can only benefit us in the long run, says ERP consultant and trainee at Mazeppa, Vit Brandejs.

Learning ERP from scratch

– Learning to become an IT consultant is something completely new for me. Luckily, I’m the kind of person who thrives on learning and trying new things, and not least: to leave my comfort zone. So, when I was approached with this opportunity I jumped, says Trainee, Michal Brandl.

A soft launch into consultant life

In 2023, Mazeppa employed six young and talented people in a trainee program we’re setting up together with our biggest partner, Infor. The goal is to find new talent and develop the next generation of ERP consultants.First up is Haldor Åsheim.

Mazeppa hires 6 trainees: a crucial investment to preserve industry competence

– We’ve spent 30 years building our unique competence, and now we have to make sure to carry it forward. That’s what this trainee program is all about.

Vestdavit does the heavy lifting with Infor CloudSuite LN

– Being innovative is crucial for us to maintain the position we have inour market: That we’re at the forefront and constantly developing. We have manycompetitors chasing us, and we must always be better, says Managing Director ofVestdavit, Rolf Andreas Wigand.

As induction can replace gas, EFD Induction is gearing up for green and sustainable growth.

The major challenge in companies such as EFD is to establish good common routines and easy access to information related to all processes and routines.

Can an ERP system contribute to better fish welfare?

For the next few years, Mazeppa will be working towards AKVA group’s dreams of making the industry of aquaculture sustainable, safe, and cost-effective.

We’re hiring people from all over Scandinavia

Mazeppa Denmark has long-lasting experience. For many years, they’ve been responsible for a number of Danish Infor customers, in addition to contributing to several Norwegian and international projects.

Building a future

"If you have the opportunity to help, you should help”. On October 8 2005, while schoolchildren in Kashmir had exams, a major earthquake struck.

Meet a former trainee: Even Fritjof Ramstad!

Get to know former trainee, now business consultant Even. He skilled up while learning from experienced ERP consultants, and he is now one of our young professionals working on innovative, global projects here in Mazeppa.

Aarbakke Machinery prepares for Industry 4.0

Read why Aarbakke decided to implement RamBase Cloud-based ERP together with Mazeppa Group.

Behind the scenes on the Aarbakke project

How much do you know about the implementation process when it comes to ERP? Join us behind the scenes with Aarbakke.

Glamox prepares for the future, Implementing Infor LN

Glamox needed a system that matched their ambitions, and prepare them for the future. Read more about them implementing Infor LN.

Aqua Robotics implements RamBase

Together with Mazeppa Group, Aqua Robotics implemented RamBase Cloud-Based ERP.

Seid AS implements RamBase

High-tech manufacturer Seid AS deliveres products to customers in every corner of the world. To keep track of all resources, they needed to have the right system in place.

We’re welcoming a new man to the team!

Our newest team member has a versatile industrial experience at management level, and thus fits perfectly into Mazeppa’s growth journey ahead.

Renowned Sterling White Halibut found a system to grow in

Renowned Sterling White Halibut grew out of their existing business systems. Together with us, they found their new one.