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Can an ERP system contribute to better fish welfare?

That is at least what AKVA Group aim to do with their new ERP system Infor CloudSuite.

Here at Mazeppa, we like to say that we make our customers' dreams come true. And for the next few years, we will be working towards AKVA group’s dreams of making the industry of aquaculture sustainable, safe, and cost-effective.

For more than 40 years AKVA Group has been a leading provider of solutions and services to the global aquaculture industry. They offer everything from simple components to complete installations and services for both sea-based and land-based fish farming. The Norwegian company is listed on the stock exchange, has approximately 1,500 employees, and is established in 11 countries. 

“In recent years, AKVA Group has acquired several companies that have helped to strengthen the company's position in the market. At the same time, this has meant we have multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in the group, which makes business-critical processes less efficient. Therefore, we have carried out a thorough review process with several ERP suppliers, where Infor presented the best solution proposal with a platform for digitization, which also covers our needs and requirements for security and stability,” says Ronny Meinkøhn, CFO of AKVA Group.

AKVA Group will use this Cloud solution digital operations platform to connect their engineering processes, deliver enhanced customer configuration and quoting, and optimize operations through the supply chain, production, and delivery.

“We are impressed by the unified and determined execution of the strategy to implement a standard best of breed solution that Akva group is supporting” says LN consulting director in Mazeppa Group Christian Geirahn
More than 90% of AKVA Group's business processes are covered as standard in Infor's CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise solution. The rest is solved with the use of the built-in integration engine and tools to enrich the solution. Mazeppa Group will proudly stand with them, supporting and managing the implementation process every step of the way. 

“The result of our preliminary project showed that this means a more efficient implementation and lower risk when most of the solution can largely be adopted out of the box,” says Erlend Skaar-Olsen, Infor country manager for Norway.

- We have clear expectations that this will help us improve interaction and business flow internally, as well as improve delivery capacity and precision to our customers, says CFO Ronny Meinkøhn, in Akva Group.