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Seid AS implements RamBase

High-tech manufacturer Seid AS supplies industrial air purification plants based on Non-Thermal Plasma technology. Such facilities are delivered to customers in every corner of the world. They’re constantly facing high demands on delivery precision and service apparatus. This makes it crucial for them to have systems in place that keep track of all resources, with which they can scale

What they needed from an ERP system 

“There is a need for an integrated and comprehensive system, where documentation management is an integral part of the ERP system,” said Jan Drotningsvik, who was responsible for the project at Seid. 

To enable them to grow, based on the current administration and resources they used internally, Seid AS needed a more integrated flow through the business. In other words, a full-flex ERP system was something they needed in order to execute their holistic way of thinking. Which now allows them to increase the level of service to their customers.

Choosing Mazeppa Group to implement RamBase

To our great excitement, Seid chose Mazeppa Group to implement RamBase Cloud-based ERP. RamBase is a long-time partner of ours, and they ultimately seemed like the perfect fit for Seid. With industry-fit catering to the manufacturing industry, it simply seemed like the right move. 

We’re excited to be a part of Seid’s journey and see what lies ahead for them! 

Read more about their solutions on their website.