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Behind the scenes on the Aarbakke project

“The implementation project for Aarbakke is complex, as they have many special solutions and clear customer requirements that must be met. However, the end goal is clear: To go from a tailor-made system to a standard system", says solution architect at Mazeppa, Svein Gihleengen.

He emphasizes that an implementation project at any company is about ensuring that current work processes are covered, while at the same time wanting to use new technology to improve and streamline.

"That means asking questions about everything you do today, and everything that can be done in a different way - and by other people -, but at the same time ensure that you maintain control of the entire process. Many companies use this opportunity to analyze and change the way of thinking of the entire organization, ”explains Svein.

In other words, such a process is challenging for most companies, but Gihleengen feels that Aarbakke was ready to embark on it from the start.

“It requires that you are prepared and equipped for the task, and for Aarbakke the process started with reviewing all functions that are in the standard RamBase. Aarbakke, on the other hand, had the task of pointing out the discrepancies they saw in their existing, specially tailored solution, compared to what is already in standard RamBase", says Gihleengen.

Aarbakke's implementation project is largely similar to other organizations, but differs in that they had lots of internally developed solutions that were not supported in the RamBase system originally.

“The analysis phase described the GAPs between Aarbakke's previous solutions and the standard RamBase functionality. Both Aarbakke and RamBase consider much of this to be good functionality to be a part of the standard RamBase solution, so that they benefit other industrial customers”, says Svein.

Thus, the development phase is run parallel with the configuration and conversion phase, where the system is set up and Aarbakke is trained in the solution: Here, Mazeppa works closely with consulting and training of process owners and key users in each field.

"And we rely on many years of experience in the industry, and with similar industrial customers such as Aarbakke, when we advise the customer on how to get the most out of the solution," Svein emphasizes.

The end result will be that Aarbakke moves away from having one main system with a “forest” of system support that requires a lot to operate and maintain, to unite the entire organization in one standard system that will help them continue to realize their ambitions.