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Renowned Sterling White Halibut found a system to grow in

Established by Mowi, Norway's largest salmon farmer, Sterling White Halibut has had lofty ambitions since day one. Despite starting up in the shadows of the salmon part of the business, the halibut production skyrocketed after a few years. Sterling experienced explosive growth that required changes across the company. They simply grew out of their existing business systems.

Growing out of old systems led to finding new solutions

What happened is that Sterling saw that they more likely than not were going to double sales and products in just a few years. They started small with a small group of people, which also represented their systems. It’s the typical story: a successful company grows out of its systems quicker than expected. Sometimes it’s good systems, but they tend to lack one thing: scalability.

This made them look for a system they could grow with, and together with Mazeppa-partner RamBase, they have implemented a new, cloud-based ERP system.

“RamBase came out best in terms of good solutions for logistics and production. We believe in RamBase as a standard system; it’s made to be a cloud solution, a scalable, on-demand solution, as one of the few in its size. In that regard, they were way ahead of Maritech, and in the end, RamBase trumped the fishing expertise that Maritech has,” said Per Magne Kjølleberg, business consultant for Sterling.

Cooperation across systems becomes strong solutions

How well the new system fits together with other crucial systems became a key decision-making factor. For instance, Sterling continued to use the two best of breed industry solutions Meracatus and Innova. These systems are used to handle and monitor the fish from birth, during the growing season, and until slaughter.

Combining the systems which ended up as a good match has led to a strong, and scalable solution for Sterling. For us, it has been rewarding to see an expanded view of the options available as well. Meaning: when we combine our partner’s systems with other best in breed niche technologies - the sky’s the limit.