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Meet a former trainee: Even Fritjof Ramstad!

How did you become a trainee?

Because I was at the right place, at the right time and with the right education, I got the chance to become the Mazeppa’s very first trainee, and became a bit of a guinea pig for the whole program.

At the time, Mazeppa had little experience recruiting entry-level people, so starting with trainees was something they were a little unsure of, but had a strong desire to try. Also, since I am the Aage’s (CEO of Mazeppa) son, we agreed on a mutual pilot project: I got the chance to learn and develop in the company, and they got the opportunity to test having a trainee with someone they already knew and where there was mutual trust.

It turned out to be a success!

How has the journey been? 

It’s been challenging in many ways - mostly good ones! Given that this has been a pilot project, it’s been a lot to learn for both parties: A lot of trial and error, if you will. We didn’t have a clear course when we started; no detailed program, but it has allowed me to shape my own path!

One thing that’s for certain is that it has prepared me for the everyday life of a consultant: Things have to be solved continuously, you cannot plan for everything, and you have to learn to think on your feet.

It also helps that everyone I’ve worked with is incredibly supportive, always ready and willing to help and explain anything and everything. The people at Mazeppa aren’t only knowledgeable but incredibly good at sharing their knowledge: They are an absolute goldmine of information for someone who has just started. So, I feel lucky to have been allowed to learn from and work with them.

What characterizes the work environment? 

Teamwork and informal atmosphere. It’s all in the details: We have - an almost mandatory - quiz every Friday, and we eat lunch together as often as we can. Also, everyone is really good at arranging gatherings where we can meet and work together. Since we’re spread over different cities and also national borders, everyone wil make an effort to meet through work, eat together and have a beer: just to keep in touch even though the distance may be long. 

We also have several social gatherings throughout the year. I especially remember when we had our Christmas party at Oscarsborg Festning: We all got great hotel rooms and walked together in a torchlight procession to the fortress. Then, we had a fantastic meal and celebration. Also, our end-of-season celebration at Ekebergrestauranten before summer last year is a pleasant memory. 

It's safe to say we're a group that appreciates good food and good times with great people. 

What has been the most important lesson you have learned?

I think this must be the experience of joining a company and working closely with customers as if I were employed there myself. I knew little to nothing about ERP systems and processes when I started this journey. Although I’ve learned a lot about the technical aspects through my time here, perhaps the most important thing is that this is really all about people: It's about how we communicate, collaborate, and meet challenges together.

What does a job at Mazeppa mean for your personal life?

For me, the job in Mazeppa gives me a lot of freedom in everyday life: I have the opportunity to plan my own workweek, and I can live wherever I want. Still, you have to be prepared to travel a bit and be away from home a few days a week to visit customers and partners. Then again, you get to travel with colleagues you can eat a nice meal with, and you get to see exciting cities both here at home and abroad!

What has the trainee opportunity meant for your career growth, and what are your plans for the future?

I got a golden opportunity to work with people who have much more experience and knowledge than me, and learn from them. It’s a unique situation, and I am lucky to have grown and become more independent from it. My plan going forward is to work and grow here at Mazeppa.

Do you have some final thoughts?

I would say my trainee journey was a great success both for me and for Mazeppa, despite it being a pilot, and that we didn’t completely know what we had embarked on! What I do know is that we’re ready to onboard new trainees - a little more prepared this time. 

Also: I’ll happily share more about my experience and some tips for anyone who’s interested!