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We’re hiring people from all over Scandinavia

“We’re seeing increased activity in the market that creates a need for more consultants, so we’re actively working to expand our team”, says Country Manager for Mazeppa Denmark, Christian Gierahn and continues: 

“The big focus now is to contribute experience and competence into both Danish and international, large and small projects going forward.”

Christian points out that Mazeppa’s position in the market is also affected by the fact that both the business community and the industry have had an increasing focus on digitization of work processes in recent years.

“There has also been a build-up of technical and organizational debt within the Danish industry, as the solutions that were implemented in the 1990s are no longer optimal. Today's modern solutions are also run in the cloud, which contributes to increased security, a hyper-current topic in today's digital climate. This means that more and more industrial companies have to come up with a cloud-based solution", says Christian.

This is where Mazeppa Denmark has long-lasting experience. For many years, they’ve been responsible for a number of Danish Infor customers, in addition to contributing to several Norwegian and international projects. 

And with the increased focus on digitization and IT security, the Danish department has had a high pressure lately.

"Infor has a Cloud Suite for the manufacturing industry based on Amazon Cloud Services, and together with Infor we’re now seeing increasing interest in the market, and in the specific segments we’re addressing, for these solutions", says Christian.

The office in Denmark now receives inquiries from all over Europe within the segments Mazeppa specializes in, and now the focus is on recruiting.

The ambition is to hire ten people, and the roles to be filled at this time are project managers and consultants.

"For the consultant role, we’re looking for someone with solid industry experience; we need a person who knows and has worked with the guys on the production floor before," says Christian.

He says that the new roles will work with international companies within complex manufacturing, high-tech companies in, for example, aircraft, electronics and construction, i.e. those that build complex machines.

"Therefore, we need someone with management experience, someone who understands the anatomy of an organization and how good systems and routines can improve, streamline and increase profitability in their processes," he says and continues:

“The profile we’re looking for is often the "typical industry person" who’s finding themselves a little tired of routines. They want to move toward consulting because they want to be more hands on and contribute more closely to the actual value creation."

On the other hand, Christian says that the project manager position is more aimed at and can be suitable for younger talents, maybe even for someone who wants a trainee position. Because in this way, one can get a more learning-focused path into the ERP world and a rapid career development.

"You will get to work on digitizing the industry, make a difference in the market and participate in the digital development together with both fast-growing tech companies, more established industrial companies and generally exciting customers both at home and internationally”, concludes Christian.

Do you want to know more about Mazeppa, or do you have any questions about the positions? Contact Christian here.