Optimizing processes and technology for manufacturers across the globe.

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“Having an ERP system that the entire Group can use across countries and subsidiary companies, will make the journey towards reaching our goals that much easier,”
Thomas Lindberg, CFO of Glamox Group smiling to the camera
Thomas Lindberg
CFO Glamox Group


Infor LN - CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise

Stay current and connected, leverage powerful functionality, and optimize critical business processes.

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RamBase is a flexible Software-as-a-Service solution with rich industry features and with the Cloud ERP platform, the users can access information from many different sources in real-time.

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The right people to manage your project

Our biggest strength is our people. Mazeppa consists of industry experts, engineers with decades of experience, and business consultants that specialize in our niche segments.

About Mazeppa
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Mazeppa Consulting is a Norwegian consulting company established in 1998 owned by the employees.

Mazeppa Norway
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At Mazeppa Denmark, we specialize in implementing and supporting Infor LN

Mazeppa DK
Historic buildings in Praha, Czech Republic

The Mazeppa Czech Republic was established in 2021 as a subsidiary of Mazeppa Norway.

Mazeppa CZ

Start or expand your career at Mazeppa!

We are always looking for new experiences and people to join our team. No matter if you‘re a senior or at entry-level or a trainee: We want to hear from you!

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portrait of lasse hansen trainee at mazeppagroup
A place big enough to make a difference but small enough for me to make a difference

– I can learn to work in any system but to succeed in the consulting role is something completely different. That’s where I feel I’ve grown the most.

portait vit brandeis mazeppa consultant
Expanding and continuing ERP competence

– I am someone who is always eager to learn new things that can help me in the future. Whether it's acquiring new skills or knowledge, I believe that learning is a lifelong process that can only benefit us in the long run, says ERP consultant and trainee at Mazeppa, Vit Brandejs.

Portrait of Michal, a trainee at Mazeppa
Learning ERP from scratch

– Learning to become an IT consultant is something completely new for me. Luckily, I’m the kind of person who thrives on learning and trying new things, and not least: to leave my comfort zone. So, when I was approached with this opportunity I jumped, says Trainee, Michal Brandl.

portrett av mahdieh
A unique opportunity for first-hand training in being an IT-consultant

– It is a truly spectacular opportunity to get first-hand training in being a consultant and working with customers, and at the same time gaining technical knowledge, says Mahdieh Fetrati, business consultant and trainee at Mazeppa.

Portrait of haldor
A soft launch into consultant life

In 2023, Mazeppa employed six young and talented people in a trainee program we’re setting up together with our biggest partner, Infor. The goal is to find new talent and develop the next generation of ERP consultants.First up is Haldor Åsheim.

Portrait of Aage Ramstad, CEO at Mazeppa Norge AS
Mazeppa hires 6 trainees: a crucial investment to preserve industry competence

– We’ve spent 30 years building our unique competence, and now we have to make sure to carry it forward. That’s what this trainee program is all about.

Vestdavit does the heavy lifting with Infor CloudSuite LN

– Being innovative is crucial for us to maintain the position we have inour market: That we’re at the forefront and constantly developing. We have manycompetitors chasing us, and we must always be better, says Managing Director ofVestdavit, Rolf Andreas Wigand.