Digitizing and optimizing industry companies worldwide since 1998.

How we get there

Step 1:
Where are you going?

First things first: We send in our industry experts to get to know your business. With experience from working with other companies in the industry, we ask questions to get to know your value chain, the production, your operation, and understand the anatomy of your organization.

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Then we dive into your operations to uncover your pain points and explore how you can be more competitive and streamlined. We look at the lead times, delivery times, and the quality of basic data, with the aim of optimizing every single process. Then starts our mission of making technology work to your advantage.

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Step 2:
How will you get there?

And thus, we implement new solutions. After the analysis and design, we agree upon a joint plan for the project: the scope, the budget, and the time frame. This includes scoping out what we’ll need from your own people, how to learn and achieve ownership of your new business solution and how to set up a common organization for the project. So, what should the project’s goals be? We use a standardized methodology for this implementation, and often with standard templates for accelerating the projects.

Step 3:
We’re going live.

After an acceptance test, we decided to go live.  Mazeppa will support your organization after we go live until we both feel comfortable with the new set-up. This is part of the original scope and plan.

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If there are any changes along the way, they will all be handled, whereas many of them will be put into the future improvements basket, so it doesn’t interfere with the original scope.  After a few months, we open the basket with future improvements and decide which ones we would like to handle as new improvement projects. ▲

Mustads employees smiling

Mustad uses artificial intelligence to sort and automate large order volumes from Walmart, creating more efficient picking processes at Mustad's warehouses across the US.

Glamox offices

To meet the future, Glamox merged mother and subsidiary companies in 16 countries into one ERP system, fittingly calling it “One Glamox”.

Glamox offices

Palfinger Marine is supporting global service sales by intelligent usage of installation and service data brought together in LN